Umez Law Firm PLLC

The Federal Law Practitioners

Umez Law Firm, PLLC is a preeminent federal law practice that focuses exclusively on Customs and International Trade Law (Import Compliance and Export Controls), Currency Reporting and Seizure, Federal Sector Employment Law (MSPB & EEOC) and Veterans/Social Security Disability Benefit Law.  We zealously and meticulously represent our clients solely before associated United States federal courts, special courts, federal administrative and regulatory agencies throughout the United States and abroad. Our practice is client focused, devoted to quality service and positive result oriented. We work diligently to win your case while minimizing impact to your overall resources.

At Umez Law Firm, we walk you through the process with great care and zeal.  We will formulate an individualized legal plan tailored to your case and execute the strategy with focused precision and success.  Our knowledge and experience create an opportunity for a positive outcome.  Our principal office is located in Washington, DC for administrative convenience but we represent clients throughout the United States, its territories and beyond. 

Our Exclusive Federal Practice Areas